Doctor Troubles

This is the post excerpt.

I am starting a new blog post website.  Although it is called “Doctor Troubles”, I am hoping to make this site available for all health care providers, clinical or behavioral, to tell their tales of exhilaration or woe from their professional lives.  (Of course, HIPAA protections and patient confidentiality will always be observed to the hilt.)  This photo came with the website from WordPress.  I would like to think of it as a sunrise, a new beginning.  The origin of this site was that there have been so many potential clients who I cannot represent who are pursuing honorable careers in difficult times.   I realize that I have only personally encountered the tip of an iceberg.   I think that there is a contribution we can receive from taking a look at the overwhelming mass that would otherwise be virtually invisible.

I will not be providing any legal counsel on this website.  Please do not misperceive my opinions as legal advice.  I will try my best to remind everyone as conspicuously as I can from time to time.  I firmly believe that this ethical concern about giving legal counsel should not shut me up or shut me off as long as I conduct myself responsibly in this domain.

That said, you are welcome to join me here.  I will simply quote one of my favorite character’s catch phrases.  “I’m listening.”



I am a lawyer in Austin, Texas. After retiring from my work as a staff attorney for the Texas Medical Board, I am committed to bringing 30 years of lawyering experience to the Health Care Responders, the providers who hurdle obstacles and meet challenges everyday in order to transform good science, good sense and good heart into good health for the 1 percenters and the 99 percenters. If you are a health care provider, and you've got trouble on your mind about your place in the medical/health care community, I have this space and my time.

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